Pixous is an online marketing company which provides search engine optimization services. We are specialized in providing professional SEO services to restaurants, small businesses and individuals. We provide white hat SEO services.

We offer affordable SEO packages tailored to your business needs.

Our SEO packages include:

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Search engine optimization has very little to do with creating an over the top website. The process of SEO is about bringing your website up in the search engine’s ranking for keywords for which you want to rank on the first page. This is done through a series of optimizations and tweaks that improve your site’s rankings on search engines. 

One of the main things you will want to do is focus on your website’s title and description. Everything else on your site should be secondary in comparison to these two things. These are the first things that search engines look for when someone types in a keyword, so if you don’t have them optimized, it will be more difficult to perform well in the rankings.

Here, we assist you in writing effective meta titles and descriptions for your website that draw traffic from popular search engines.

Next, make sure that all images and videos on your site are tagged correctly with appropriate keywords. This means including an Alt tag for each image as well as adding tags to videos on YouTube or Vimeo. The text in the titles and descriptions of these videos need to also be carefully thought out as they can impact potential viewers’ decision making process when searching online. Finally, all content needs to be high quality as this is another factor that affects SEO ranking.

High quality content is a great way to optimise your website for search engine purposes, but making sure your alt text and video captions are accurate is also important. We can help you with that through our powerful keyword research strategy.

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